Vanadium Pentoxide

Vanadium Pentoxide Powder is used in chemical processes as catalyst. With appearance as Yellow to Brownish red crystalline powder, it is an inorganic compound. With its high oxidation state, it is an amphoteric oxide as well as an oxidizing agent. It is very important compound of vanadium, and is an extensively used industrial catalyst. In contact process, it works for the oxidation of SO2 to SO3 in the company of oxygen at 440°C and it is a strong reducing agent as well.

Unfused Vanadium Pentoxide is used in the manufacturing of fertilizers, photographic developers, ink manufacturing, insecticides, textiles dyeing, paints and varnishes, ceramic colors, leather & glass industries, in the extraction of phallic anhydride from naphthalene and as catalyst for various chemical and industrial processes.

Product Name Vanadium Pentoxide (Unfused)
CAS NO. 1314-62-1
Linear Formula V2O5
Soluble in water; Free From Impurities; Easy To store; Longer shelf life
V205 99.5%min
V204 1.0% max
S 0.01%max
Fe 0.02%max
Si 0.06%max
Ca 0.03%max
Al 0.005%max
Na2O+K2O 0.05%max

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All other specification as per International standard.